Thailand Tsunami - My Experience in Khao Lak - 26 December 2004
Before/After The Tsunami Walking Out Devastation Relief Work

Part V: Assisting the Survivors

Donation collection point in Bangkok
Collecting donations in Bangkok 
Many large black plastic bottles of formaldehyde
Bottles of formaldehyde waiting to be shipped south 

Stacks of coffins
Coffins ready to be shipped at the Bangkok airport 
Mountains of relief supplies
Relief supplies to be sent south 

Volunteers sorting piles of donated supplies
Sorting through mountainous piles of donations 
John in piles of goods
John amid piles of donated goods 

John and Solomon in transit to Krabi on a C-130
Solomon, John aboard a US Airforce C-130 enroute to Krabi 
Looking for bodies
Searching for survivors under collapsed roof 

Long convey of supply trucks
Convey of trucks transporting supplies 
Rows of bodies wrapped in white plastic
Daily collection of recently found bodies 

Message boards with pictures of the missing
Missing notices 
Unloading relief supplies from back of army truck
Unloading supplies 

Hundreds of bodies waiting for DNA samples to be taken
Uncovered bodies waiting to be identified 
Covered bodies
More unidentified bodies 

Identification volunteers
Identification teams 
Hundreds of tents at refugee camp
Refugee camp 

Woman giving receipt for donated money
Donation of money to refugee camp 
Solomon depositing cash into donation box
Solomon donating money 

Piles of donated clothes in between heavy equipment
Kids playing in piles of donated clothes 

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