Thailand Tsunami - My Experience in Khao Lak - 26 December 2004
Before/After The Tsunami Walking Out Devastation Relief Work

Part III: Survival

Waiting out the tsunami on the roof of the Seagull Andaman Resort
On the roof, waiting for the water to go down 

Balcony of Seagull Andaman Resort
Where I stood during the disaster 
Ladders to roof of Seagull Andaman Resort
Ladders I used to reach the roof 

Tsunami damaged buildings near Seagull Andaman ResortTsunami damaged buildings near Seagull Andaman Resort
Views of the heavily damaged building where I took refuge 

Injured survivors leaving Seagull Andaman Resort
Finally walking out through the rubble 

Mangled vehicles
Destroyed vehicles 
Debris on road into Khao Lak
Debris on the road 

Mountain meeting point
Mountaintop meeting point 
Thai family of survivors at mountain meeting point
Camp for the night 

Heavily damaged Khaolak Orchid Resortel
Tim walking back to hotel for supplies 

Vehicle washed into debris of ruined buildingExtensive destruction as seen on street in Khao Lak
Massive destruction seen the day after 

Khao Lak beach
Where it all started for me, several days later 
Destroyed buildings and steet in Khao Lak
Alley where I ran from the wave 

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